Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a performance?

Select the program that you are interested in and fill out the web request. Once we have received and reviewed your request, a member of our booking team will contact you.

How much does a performance cost?

All programs are a free, community benefit of Kaiser Permanente.

Do you have a minimum or maximum audience size?

The minimum and maximum audience sizes are dependent on the program. Audience minimums range from between 100 to 150 students and maximums range from between 250 to 700 students.

What are my options if I do not meet the minimum audience requirements, but I serve students that would benefit from the program?

Schools that have not met the minimum audience numbers have combined with other schools to meet the audience minimum requirements.

How long is the performance?

40 – 60 minutes. Each program differs slightly. Typically the elementary and middle school programs run for 45 minutes. Our high school program runs for 60 minutes.

How many performances do you do in one day?

We can provide up to two performances in one day. We can return for a second day if more than two are needed.

How much time does it take to set up?

1-1/2 – 2 hours depending on the program. Breakdown requires a minimum of 1 hour.

Can I schedule more than one program at my school?

No. It is our policy to schedule one program at a school per school year. Because of the high demand of our programs it is likely that we would not be able to return to your school for 3 years.

Do you perform outdoors?

No. Our set and equipment are designed for indoor venues only.

Do you perform for private schools?

Yes. We perform for both public and private schools.

Do you perform at libraries, community events, or health fairs?

Yes. However, all requests are evaluated on a case by case basis and should be made six months in advance. A Special Event application needs to be submitted for consideration.

Can I include students outside of the specified grade levels?

No. Our programs are created to be developmentally appropriate for the specified grade levels.

What areas does the program serve?

Bakersfield to San Diego and Ventura to Coachella Valley.

Can I preview a performance before actually booking a date?

Yes, if you are interested in previewing a performance our booking team can help set that up for you.

Do you provide permission slips?

No. Permission slips are the responsibility of the school/district. Please check with your school administrator or district office for guidance. You may also consult the California Department of Education (www.cde.ca.gov/) website for more information.

Can I record/videotape a performance?

No. We do not allow recording of our performances. This is in an effort to maintain the integrity of the program as live theatre.

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