Conflict Management Grades 3-5

It's Stop Time


  • Managed conflict can be a healthy precursor to a positive change.
  • Communication and teamwork are preventative steps in helping children deal with anger issues.
  • Connecting with others through shared experiences helps foster understanding and build community.
  • Practicing stress management techniques and developing self-awareness and impulse control can improve one’s social-emotional


Kaiser Permanente’s
Conflict Management Program Grades 3-5

Social distancing has disrupted daily life for all of us, and it can be especially stressful for kids to lose the structure and time with friends that school used to provide. When young children don’t have the tools to identify and express anxiety and sadness, these emotions can often present as anger or aggression, and lead to conflict. It’s important to address conflict management early, and to support their social emotional wellness in order to help them build resilience.

Kaiser Permanente’s conflict management program, designed for grades 3-5, highlights the role of self-efficacy in managing conflict. By demonstrating tools, it helps students process emotions such as fear and sadness and develop resilience. The program supports the Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools in the areas of interpersonal communication and decision making.


The Play (Video Presentation)

It’s Stop Time – Fighting in the virtual classroom puts four students in jeopardy of missing out on the most anticipated event of the school year, the Waldo Elementary School virtual talent show. Placed in “detention” by a mysterious new teacher, Mr. “C”, the students find themselves in a magical virtual classroom. It is here where they must literally fight time and figure out a way to get along, or risk staying in detention “forever.”


The Workshops

In the student workshop, the Actor-Educators from the video presentation lead students through exercises and activities geared toward improving listening skills, connecting with others through shared experiences and building community. Through games, reflection, stress management techniques, and activities that encourage empathy, the three steps to managing conflict (Stop, Breathe, Choose) are reinforced and students are encouraged to express their emotions in a positive way.

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