Conflict Management Grades 3-5

It's Stop Time

Conflict Management Grades 3-5


  • The steps to managing conflict are: Stop, Breathe and Choose.
  • Managed conflict can be a healthy precursor to a positive change.
  • Communication and teamwork are preventative steps in helping children deal with anger issues.


Kaiser Permanente’s
Conflict Management Program Grades 3-5

Youth violence is a major health concern. According to CDC, it is the third leading cause of death among 15-24-year-olds. Over 500,000 young people aged 10 to 24 years had physical assault injuries treated in U.S. emergency departments – an average of 1,374 each day.*

Discussing conflict management early is an important preventative step in providing children tools to deal with anger issues and control volatile impulses before they lead to violence.

Kaiser Permanente’s Conflict Management program, designed for grades 3-5, highlights the importance of self-efficacy in managing conflict. Students are exposed to the concept that conflict can have positive outcomes if managed. The program supports the Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools in the areas of interpersonal communication and decision making.


The Play (50 minutes)

It’s Stop Time – Fighting in the playground lands four students of Waldo Whistle Elementary in detention and puts them in jeopardy of missing out on the most anticipated event of the school year, the annual talent show. Placed in detention by a mysterious new teacher, Mr. “C”, the students find themselves in a magical room where they must literally fight time and figure out a way to get along, or risk staying in detention forever.


The Workshop (50 minutes)

In the student workshop, the Actor-Educators from the live performance facilitate discussion about working out conflict. Through drum circle activities and journal writing, the three steps to managing conflict (Stop, Breathe, Choose) are reinforced and students are encouraged to express their emotions in a positive way.

Adult Presentation for parents & guardians

Adult Presentation (60 minutes)

(for parents and guardians)

One Minute is a fun, interactive presentation that explores the effects of stress on one’s physical and emotional well-being. Participants become the “studio audience” for a live bilingual (Spanish/English) talk show where the characters learn to manage their stress in a healthy way. A Q&A session follows.

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*CDC Fact Sheet: “Youth Violence Facts at a Glance”; (2016);

Conflict Management Program Video Preview