Healthy Eating Active Living Grades 4-5

The Amazing Food Detective: Game On

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Healthy Eating Active Living Grades 4-5


  • Choose a balanced meal from the five food groups.
  • Choose water rather than sugary beverages.
  • Increase physical activity.
  • Limit screen time.



Kaiser Permanente’s
Healthy Eating Active Living Program Grades 4-5

Childhood obesity rates in America have tripled over the past three decades. In the U.S., nearly 1 out of 3 people is classified as overweight.* In addition, less than 3 in 10 high school students get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.† Educating children about good nutrition and an active lifestyle is vital in fostering lifelong healthy habits and helping to fight a variety of diseases in adulthood, such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure.

Kaiser Permanente’s Healthy Eating Active Living program is a multifaceted offering for grades 4 – 5 designed to educate students and parents about the importance of good nutrition and active play. It supports the Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools in the area of nutrition and physical activity.


THE PLAY (40 minutes)

The Amazing Food Detective: Game On – Professor Howe, the health and computer science teacher is getting ready to launch his new creation – The Amazing Food Detective video game. Just as he is performing the final test, something goes horribly wrong. Professor Howe is uploaded and trapped inside his own video game. Three of his fifth-grade students discover that he is missing, and take action. Braving the unknown, they make their way into the simulated video game. They must make healthy food choices to fill their cyber plate while staying physically active and virtually hydrated if they ever hope to return to the real world!


The Workshops (40 minutes each)

In the two follow-up workshops, the Actor-Educators from the live theatrical performance introduce each participating classroom to the concept of media literacy. Through examining food advertisements and nutrition facts labels, students are given insight into how advertisers use bright colors, animal mascots and catchy phrases to make their products memorable and recognizable on the grocery store shelf. Students learn some advertising “tricks of the trade” that get people to think that a product is healthy, when in fact it may not be. The workshops culminate with the Actor-Educators helping students make a healthy commercial for eating more fruits and vegetables and engaging in active play. Students are encouraged to become advocates for their own health.

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