Literacy Promotion Grades K-2

Jay and E and the ZigZag Sea

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Educational Theatre will be offering all programming for the 2020-2021 academic year via virtual platforms. For more information about our Literacy Promotion virtual offerings, please contact To view our supplemental Literacy Promotion video content, please click here.

Literacy Promotion Grades K-2


  • Reading can be broken down into one letter, one sound, one word at a time.
  • Reading is an adventure that can be a fun and exciting skill to build.
  • Confronting fear creates confidence and nurtures lifelong learning.


Kaiser Permanente’s
Literacy Promotion Program Grades K–2

California students’ reading scores rank among those of the 10 lowest performing states in the country.i According to the Department of Justice, low literacy in childhood is a strong indicator for struggles in adulthood, including higher rates of incarcerationii and dependence on public assistance.iii Low literacy rates have also been associated with adverse health outcomes.iv Emphasis on literacy in early childhood goes a long way toward counteracting these issues.

Kaiser Permanente’s Literacy Promotion Program is a multifaceted offering for grades K-2 designed to inspire and encourage students to read. It strongly supports the Common Core Standards for English language arts.


The Play (40 minutes)

Jay and E and the ZigZag Sea tells the story of a brave child, Jay, who fears only one thing: reading. Jay and their dog, Libro, set out on a bold journey across the ZigZag Sea in order to save story-time and prevent the book, “E”, from being forever unread. Along the way, Jay and Libro meet a bad pirate, a smart queen and some long scary words.

Recognizing that access to printed materials is crucial in improving reading achievement; each student will receive a book following the performance.


The Workshop (40 minutes)

Actor-Educators from the live stage show engage students with a Language Experience Approach (LEA) based activity with theatrical elements. The LEA is a literacy development method used with early readers. It combines all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Adult Presentation for parents & guardians

Adult Presentation (45 minutes)

(for parents and guardians)

In World of Words, bilingual (Spanish/English) facilitators provide current facts on how literacy impact children’s health and well-being. They also show examples of how families can easily and inexpensively incorporate print-rich environment into everyday life and make a huge, positive impact on their child’s reading skills.

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