Literacy Promotion Grades K-2

Jay and E and the ZigZag Sea


  • Reading can be broken down into one letter, one sound, one word at a time.
  • Reading is an adventure that can be a fun and exciting skill to build.
  • Confronting fear creates confidence and nurtures lifelong learning.


Kaiser Permanente’s Literacy Promotion Program Grades K–2

Distance learning poses unique challenges for young students. It can be a struggle to keep young kids engaged in a typical classroom—the struggle can be even greater in virtual classrooms. Making reading an adventure helps keep students focused and incorporating resilience activities helps support their emotional capacity to learn.

Kaiser Permanente’s Literacy Promotion Program is a 2-module offering for grades K-2 designed to inspire and encourage students to read. It strongly supports the Common Core Standards for English language arts. Through video and live interactions, students are encouraged to become “fearless word readers” and learn that “nothing is more powerful than words.”


The Play (Video Presentation)

Jay and E and the ZigZag Sea tells the story of a brave child, Jay, who fears only one thing: reading. Jay and their dog, Libro, set out on a bold journey across the ZigZag Sea in order to save story-time and prevent the book, “E”, from being forever unread. Along the way, Jay and Libro meet a bad pirate, some long scary words and a smart queen.


The Workshop

Actor-educators engage students through interactive activities based on the play. These activities are based in the Language Experience Approach (LEA), which is a literacy development method used with early readers that combines listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Characters from the show return to help students create sentences, sing songs, and participate in games that reinforce educational messages from the story.

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