Social & Emotional Well-Being

Grade 9

Socializing with peers is one of the hallmarks of a teen’s mental development – time with friends is more important to them now than ever. Social isolation at this developmental stage can trigger or amplify mental health challenges, and prevent a teen from seeking help. Modeling and facilitating conversations about mental health and accessing resources is an important part of supporting their emotional development.

Kaiser Permanente’s Social Emotional Wellness program is an interactive, 2-module virtual offering for grade 9, designed to reduce stigma around seeking help for mental health challenges and to connect students to resources. It supports the Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools.

School Staff

RISE UP is an online workshop designed to explore the prevalence and potential impact of trauma and stress on student behavior and offer strategies to help educators and other school staff navigate challenging interactions. Teaching Artists from Kaiser Permanente facilitate a workshop session employing theatre, experiential learning and arts integration techniques to engage participants in their own discovery and practical implementation.