STD Prevention Grades 9-12

What Goes Around

STD Prevention Grades 9-12


  • Sexual Abstinence is the only risk-free option.
  • If you are sexually active, get tested.
  • If you are sexually active, only a condom can reduce your risk of contracting STDs.


Kaiser Permanente’s
STD/HIV Prevention Program Grades 9 – 12

Sexual activity places teens at risk for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), as well as unwanted pregnancy. Sixty-five percent of high school students report they are sexually active.*

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year there are 20 million new STD infections and half of them are among adolescents aged 15-24.†

Kaiser Permanente’s STD/HIV Prevention Program is designed for grades 9-12. The program uses technology and references social media as a way of engaging students while providing health information about sexually transmitted diseases in a topical way. Students hear the facts and myths about STDs and see how the choices they make have a lasting impact on their lives and the lives of other people. The program supports the Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools in the areas of mental, emotional and social health; injury prevention and safety; and growth, development and sexual health.


The Play (60 minutes)

What Goes Around tells the story of five friends as they navigate through the final days of high school. When one of them contracts two sexually transmitted diseases, the issues of friendship and honesty cause them to question their relationships with each other and to consider their past and future choices.

The 60 minute program includes a play, Q&A session and a talkback session: an opportunity to engage with the audience. At the end of the show, students receive information on free resources in their area.

Post-Performance Component

Following the performance, the actor-educators facilitate a question and answer session with the students. All questions are answered from a medical perspective. The actor-educators also make themselves available to the  students to ask them questions one-on-one.

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*Teen Help: “Teen Sexuality” (2012);

†CDC: “Sexual Risk Behavior” (2010);

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